Hi mom and all,

I just arrived at my host mother´s apartment and I´m sorry for not calling but payphones are not easily available these days. My host mother, Lourdes, has a mobile telephone that I can use and buy minutes for which may be a good deal. Also, she offered to let me use her cell phone to call you. We would have to set up a time to talk because it is 4pm your time now and it is 10pm here. I am about to have dinner – tortilla tradicional de espaNa. I just wanted to let you know that I am safe and everything is perfect. No problems. I love you!!!! I have a little trouble connecting to the wifi in her apartment and her daughter who is coming tomorrow can speak English with me and together we will problem solve. Meanwhile I will type up a really long journal entry and post it on my blog asap. It will all be there, everything from the time I got on the plane till now. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

My host mother is like all mothers…she keeps on feeding me when I am full! We had Spanish tortillas (plain- no topping because its the first night) and she has explained a lot to me already. Anyway she is a kind woman. Her bilingual daughter is here now. I do not know how good she is at speaking English because we haven’t tried. I made good small talk, gave her the presents and chile. She loves Placido Domingo- How did I know this already? Haha, I connected to the wifi finally so I am using my laptop now which is more comfortable. I am going to take a shower and go to bed but I will post the updates (detailed first hand accounts) on my blog tomorrow. Mom I am so sorry I didn’t call or let you know anything that I arrived safely. I heard that several parents even called Dr. Sainz (the director of international education–who is still in VA) to ask what the heck happened to their kid. Apparently I’m not the only one who failed to notify family upon our arrival. Mom–I suspect that you called.

Please tell me you didn’t,

Please tell the truth!

Love Nicole