Can I just say again how glad I am to be enrolled in just two classes?!?! This week has been non-stop me at “full-throttle” and I cannot imagine how it would be with one more class. Oh no, wait! I can see it in some of my friends that are taking a combination of Culture & Politics, Spain and Europe, AND literature courses. Those literature courses are condensed (duh! It’s a summer semester) and so the reading load is heavy. Even now, I’m busy all day from 7:00-23:00 (7am-11pm).

This week was the first week of classes of the summer semester: 1 down, 3 more to go. Today, Friday, July 05, I officially registered for my two classes. This was the last opportunity to officially add, drop, or take a class “OYENTE” (audit). It was a pretty short meeting because I’m happy with what I’ve got. Monday, I joined an extracurricular activity, “Tándem.” There were dance and sports activities offered but they are scheduled during one of my classes. Tándem is an activity for students, both English and Spanish speakers, to get together and improve our conversational skills. First we practice Spanish for half of an hour and then English for the next half.

After class, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I went shopping with my friends Laila and Julia. On Tuesday, we all went to Zubiarte, a “centro comercial” (shopping mall). On Wednesday, Laila and I shopped on Gran Vía, a street in downtown Bilbao. It was misty that day but we didn’t expect it to rain. And what do you know? It was raining when we left Zara and Laila followed me as I hustled out in a random direction. After a while, I suggested we look at a map. Of course, neither of us wanted to get a map out of our backpacks in the rain so we walked onward for about 5 minutes. To make a long story short, it took us at least 20 minutes to make our way back to the Universidad and another 45 minutes for me to walk from there to my house. By then it was a bit after 21:00, the time my host mom and I usually eat dinner. I was worried that Lourdes would worry if I got home late. She went shopping that day too and didn’t hear me call while she was on the metro home. She was actually a few minutes later than me! Everything turned out fine and it’s easy for us to say that we should plan it out better next time in hindsight. However, at the time, we thought we knew our way around! YEAH I’m wearing tennis shoes from now on!

On Thursday, the Fourth of July, I celebrated the USA like never before! I took the 18:45 metro to an Independence Day Party with SAM & JAM (and the best acoustic covers of greatest hits from now and then) and stayed until 21:45. Although I was feeling exhausted, I went anyway. There was great music and I enjoyed myself. I’m glad I went.

Tonight, I’m taking it easy after another full day of classes.